Tuesday 24 March 2020

CN RS-18's - St. Albans

CN RS's at St. Albans undated sent to me by John Hajnosz.
John Hajnosz asked me a question around the time the announcement for the Rapido RS's happened...did they come down to St. Albans at any point. I could not remember seeing a photo of any there but thought they would have in CN power mixes. Sure enough a few months later John found a view of two at St. A...George Dutka


  1. My experience railfanning St Albans, WRJ, and the upper Connecticut River in the late 1960s was that a full cross section of both CN and CP units came in at both St A and WRJ. I remember the CLC H16-44s from CN and FP7s, FA-1s, and RSs on CPm which had a daily trackage rights freight from St J to WRJ.

  2. Interesting, thanks for sharing John...George