Sunday 1 March 2020

CNR Wooden Boxcars - Dave Chalmer's Collection

London, Ontario 10-4-86 Don McQueen photo in the Dave Chalmers collection. The weathering of this car is interesting as the door is lacking of paint and dark in colour.
About a year ago Don McQueen scanned some photos from the Dave Chalmers collection which included a few views of Don's. Don sent Peter Mumby the scans who brought them over to me to use as posts. This group are wooden CN boxcars mostly retired waiting to be scrapped or in OCS service. I think some of these might make good candidates for modeling the 1980-90's era. I will keep posting a few from time to time...George Dutka

CN 406308 Oshawa, a metal stamp on door says tool car. The white sign reads No Smoking, Sept. 5, 1994 Dave Chalmer photo.
At  London, Ont. 10-4-86 Don McQueen photo, Dave Chalmer collection. This car has a metal side ladder at the door and ACI label.
CN 500117 Oshawa, Ont. Sept. 5, 1994. Dave Chalmer photo. This car has a wooden ladder next to the door that looks like a 12 year old built it. Missing it's door and any numbering or lettering. It does including an ACI label that one could scan for figuring out the car number. Kind of a neat and simple car to model as seen here.
London, Ontario, 9-6-86, Don McQueen photo Dave Chalmer collection. Engineering Dept. tool generator car. The white sign reads do not hump next to ACI label. To the left of the door reads Great Lakes Region. Another interesting car.

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