Saturday 21 March 2020

The Back Alley - A Second Look

A FOS sign is turned into a bill board on the roof. Some vents and stacks add more interest. A BEST pigeon is added to the roof also.
Here are a few more views of my back alley structure. More to come as the scene begins to falls into place...George Dutka

On the left side of the building is a gap I could not fill or seal. I decided to run a conduit along it and add an electrical meter to the mix. A second conduit is added.
Here is a look at how this alley might transpire. The garage to the left Jim Sloan assembled for me using two images printed on heavy paper. The doors and windows on the top layer is cut out to make it appear more three dimensional. A fence is seen to the right which will tie in a couple of DPM structures that will be rooming houses rear walls.

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