Saturday 7 March 2020

This and That...

I have been working on adding some structures that should have been set into the scenes a few years ago. Even though there will be a rebuild I thought I would finish up these scenes. A general store will be going here. Gatorfoam base is being set into the scene.
This post is a mix of what I have been up to the last few weeks. No post tomorrow as I am up and away really early for the day...George Dutka

The base is finished and the structure is set into place for a test fit. Some more scenery is going to take place shortly.
I took this backdrop structure out of my Bellows Falls scene, replacing it with a ITLA structure. This structure was only used as a stand-in which has been in place for over 4 years.
I did not build the structure but added the details to bring it to life. a RailroadKITS roof access is added, Osborn billboard and roof vents. I had dug into my signs also. One window was missing so I boarded it up as seen in the above view.
I posted a view of Kevin Smith's CV truck awhile back. He got motivated and finished his model...looking good.
Some nice detailing in the box.
If you want a dead flat finish on a model try Model Master flat clear lacquer as seen on this car.
A rust bucket found in the CN St. Thomas yard by Brian Smith.
This is a building flat project I am working on to be used in a contemporary model scene. It is mix of leftover parts and walls that I will cover shortly. I am working on a back alley view of a town I don't think I would want to visit in full scale.
These two, three wall structures are getting cut down to be added to my background flat scene. Some Woodland Scenic fences will be also used.
Two things about the NEB&W, one the new building appears ready to go now and second I noted that John Nerich just got fired from RPI and not allowed on property. I wonder how the NEB&W will move forward without his guidance and knowledge.

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