Monday 16 March 2020

H.P. Hood & Sons - Milk Car Model

A new addition to my milk car fleet, a wooden can car from F&C.
At the Kitchener train show last weekend I purchased this F&C kit already built. There are still a few models left from the late Bob Bowes. This is the last milk car which he built. I do have too many milk cars already but at a reduced price of $10 I decided to add it to my collection. It was originally priced at $25 last year when his collection went up for sale. I was not sure at first if it was numbered or lettered correctly although I know Bob built his models using prototype photos. I could not find any record of 822.

H.P. Hood's used 40' milk cars leased from GPEX numbered in the 807-849 series. Cars known through photo evidence are 807,808,809,811,813,814,815,817,818,823 and 824.

I began by clipping the pins on the Kadee couplers then painted acrylic cinnamon brown. It took two coats of flat finish from a spray bomb to dull the surface. I then used PanPastel raw umber shade along the bottom edges and end along with the roof walkway. I very light coat of PanPastel blender was used over the entire car...George Dutka

The F&C as it appears when I got home from last Sunday's train show.
My model placed by the prototype picture from 1952. This is in Railway Milk Cars Vol. 2 by Robert Liljestrand and John Nehrich.

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