Saturday 28 March 2020

FOS - Lowery Seafood

FOS kit of the month club.
Here is a look at how the structure looks now that it is finished. It did not take long to put this one together...George Dutka
A close up look at the weathering and paint colouring of the walls.
Once I had done all the paint and weathering I ran an AK pencil - rainmarks along each board which highlighted the edges. It adds a subtle look to the boards.
The whale weather-vane is an Alder Models detail I added to the roof. The trim is a coat of Floquil grime first then covered with a light coat of Floquil old concrete. On this kit the doors went on last. I normally model them opened up inward. I found it too hard to get them on and swinging in so the open outward.
The rear wall is pretty plane but well weathered. The kit came with a oversized chimney which I set aside for another project. I just made a smoke stack from a piece of styrene rod.
I modeled a couple of windows as broken glass. The fish sign is actually a photocopy of the sign in the plans that I just cut out and rusted up.


  1. Nice. Where and what are those pencils?

  2. Hi Larry:
    The AK pencils are a very soft pencils that can be applied wet or dry. They are something new (I think they only became available last fall) that give you many options in many colours. Broughdale here in London carry a couple different 5 packs, mainly in metal colours and they also have one package which has all the colours. The only other place I found them was in a hobby shop in Milwaukee. Don picked up some rust colours (five pack)for me on line when in Arizona. I will do a post on these colours once I connect with Don...George