Saturday 14 March 2020

This needed a second look!

If you can't find a boxcar to put your graffiti on why not just paint your own boxcar on a wall.
While checking out the CP yard and a quick trip over Quebec St. to get a closer look at the locomotives on Monday I came to a quick stop when I saw this graffiti on a warehouse wall. Its not often one sees graffiti painted on a wall over top a mural of a Railbox boxcar. Kind of neat. When I checked out the building it turned out this is the rear wall of an art shop...George Dutka

An overall view of the parking lot.


  1. George - is this paint or a vinyl wrap? The details are so crisp.

    1. Hi Ken I think it is paint as there is more graffiti on the back wall...will have to take a better look next time I am down that way...George

  2. Hi Ken: Brian Smith was by the mural today and he said it is painted on...George