Sunday 29 March 2020

Night Views with William Gill

Along the old Rutland Ry. William Gill photo.
William Gill contaced me yesterday with the following comments...we connect from time to time regarding New England railfan photography. He is a wonderful night photographer and also does some modeling. His father Bill Gill is also a very good modeler and has had a few articles recently published in RMC. Check out his Facebook page with the link below...George Dutka

"Quite a while back, I saw one of your White River Division posts on E
C Crosby & Sons and have wanted to shoot there at night. Finally, with
the B&M/PAS detouring over Vermont Rail, I was able to get some shots
in on the GRMC and B&R."...Will

Trains at Night

Will caught the NECR at the Vermont-NH bridge at Windsor, Vt. This would be a very tricky shot to do as the bridge is a good distance from where Will is set up for the photo. I have no idea how he set off the lights that far away. Good work Will.
I took a similar photo during the CV days. I actually was balancing on the guard rails to get up high enough to take this photo. I could not imagine getting this photo at night. Sept. 30 1994.


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  1. Will is a First Class “salt of the earth” kind of guy, so is his father.