Saturday 28 March 2020

What's in the Box No. 40

All that is included in the kit laid out at the Kitchener train show.
The last kit I finished was another FOS kit-of-the-month. I actually began this kit at the Kitchener train show while working the WOD-NFR-NMRA Craftsman Corner. This kit has all the parts included. The instructions are not all that clear with bracing and adding corner trim to some locations. They are not shown on the plans, but easy to figure out. This one is a really nice little kit. To date I have built 6 of the 12 kits available to Canadians, now to move on to a BEST feed mill...George Dutka
 A good number of laser cut windows and doors. Some Tichy windows and barrels are also found in a small package. Some metal castings are also included.

At the Kitchener show I got most of the bracing in place...I guess I did more talking and shopping than actual work at my craftsman station.

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