Tuesday 3 March 2020

Drone Views of the WRD

A high up view of Bellows Crossing finds a B&M milk train heading over the diamond.
I took a drone style view of Bellows Crossing the other day using my phone...George Dutka

The drone is higher up and I am getting dizzy.


  1. George,

    Can you tell me about the building in the top right of the photo? Is it a kit?


    1. Hi Ryan:
      No it is not a kit. I scratch built it way back in the early 1990's for a module I had then. It has found its way onto every scene or layout since then. Probably the last scene it will be in. It replicates a structure I saw in Randolph, Vt. along the CV. I only modeled the two walls seen, the back and far side are just styrene sheeting. I should measure it if I decide to build a better model of it...George