Monday 30 March 2020

Bellows Falls - WRD Update

There is a wide strip between the yard and trackage running north through town. I finally got around to detailing this area.
You saw a view of some work I had done in Bellows Falls a couple days are some more views all taken with my phones camera...George Dutka

This small BarMills shed was located at the quarry before the milk platform was is working well near the diamond.

As one might notice the switch stands still need to be installed. The small coal dealer is a FOS kit of the month structure. I will cover this one shortly. Behind it is the Rutland Ry. sand house.
I had some extra BarMills fencing that I added near the background and in front of this little ITLA structure. I had covered this laser cut kit a couple of years ago. The section shed is an updated building I picked up at a train show awhile back. It has also been covered last year in a post.
The CMW Mini Metal's high rail car is new to the layout. I got it at Springfield this year. The B&M baggage car is an old Sylvan shell I turned into at storage shed.
A drone style look at the structures I added to this small strip of land.

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