Sunday 15 March 2020

Last Sunday

I am getting started on my next FOS project. I brought along a few of my models as displays. Peter Mumby photo.
Peter Mumby and I attended the Kitchener, Ontario train show working the WOD-NFR Craftsman Corner. Peter was working on some PanPastel weathering of covered hoppers while I began another FOS kit of the month project.

With such a large crowd the COVID-19 was on our mind. I washed my hands and used sanitizer more times than I ever have in the past at shows. Little did we know this would be the last model railroad event for us this season. It appears most railroad event are cancelling. There are still a couple of events this spring to respond.

Our friend Jeff Grove of Railway City Hobbies had a large estate collection of rolling stock at the show that we spent too much time looking at. Both Peter and I came home with some really nice modern era rolling stock...some which was nicely weathered and detailed...George Dutka

Peter working on his fleet of covered hoppers.
Clare Gilbert of Sylvan Scale Models shows off some of his new vehicles to John and Steve at the WOD booth. One can see three of our group working at the workshop in the distance. They are  Roger Chrysler, Pat Rivard and Peter Mumby at the far end.
This is one of the models I picked up, a GTW Athearn boxcar that really was faded down nicely.
Both sides are different, one side is fairly clean of graffiti while the other side is messed up. All the graffiti is hand drawn, not decals.


  1. Shows are starting to cancel in this area of the country as well. Thanks for the update George. Take care

  2. Your welcome Wayne. As of now I don't think there is any modeling events that have not canceled for the next few months...George