Friday 20 March 2020

The Back Alley - Modeling Something Different

A building flat that looks a lot like one might find on the wrong side of the tracks.
I did something different two weeks ago and it only took about 4-5 hours total. I took a building flat someone started (and I got for a buck at a local train show) and modeled a building rear...three seedy businesses in one...a tattoo shop, burlesque side door business and a scrap metal dealer specializing in maybe not so legal metal finds. I was not sure what this structure was going to be at first other than the L J Kingsley Co. building (sign from an old MR). I used this sign emulating the original owner. 
The structure has ITLA parts, broken plastic glass, window wire mesh, Bar Mill and FOS signs, Roomettes plywood closures and spray-bomb paint, PanPastels and AK stains. I think it turned out better than I had expected considering there was no window castings or doors to begin. This of course being a building flat, the strip club can only hires flat chested girls...sorry guys.

Now to build the rest of the building flats for a seedy back alley scene. I am going to use Jim Sloan's layered paper mock-up he did for me using my photo of a closed structure in Brucefield along with a few other structure scraps I have on hand. This I hope to use as a background when I photograph some of my rust buckets and other modern era models...George Dutka

This is what I began with.
Some Walthers goo is used to secure the walls. I made a new styrene roof and floor. A back wall will also be added.
The heritage of the structure will be this sign that is being weathered with PanPastel blender. The back is sanded down to thin it down a bit. A heavy coat of glue is applied and the sign is pressed well to the brick.
Most of the paints and powders used on this project is seen here. The walls are originally coloured with a spray bomb coat of auto body primer from Princess Auto.
The signs are a mix of BarMills, FOS and Roomettes card-stock. I used Roomette plywood to board up the windows from behind. Some of the windows are seen with broken glass, one has a wire mesh over the opening. The doors are also made from Roomette materials. The big door is to Bull's salvage while the regular door is to a tattoo parlor.
The side door is the main entrance to the burlesque side door business. The signs are from FOS.

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